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Quotation preparation: How the integration of digital tools accelerates your business

16 April 2024 | Verena Mühleck
Quotation preparation: How the integration of digital tools accelerates your business

Imagine you need significantly less time to prepare quotations in future - simply by optimizing your quotation process. Sounds too good to be true? In today's digital world, this is possible.

Find out how integrating digital tools can improve your efficiency and foster deeper cusotmer relationships. We'll show you how to overcome the most common challenges in your quoting process and how Syncler can help.

The topics at a glance:

Challenges in the manual quotation process

To begin with, it is crucial to become aware of the current hurdles that arise in the bidding process. The four biggest challenges are identified below.

1. Big effort

Manual quotation preparation requires many steps that involve a great deal of effort.

These necessary steps include:

  • Searching for customer information
  • Selecting articles
  • Creating the offer
  • Saving the offer as a PDF
  • Sending the PDF by email
  • Transferring data to the CRM system

This extensive process takes time. If every step is manual, there are many situations that potentially delay the process. This hinders business and has a negative impact on the deals.

2. Susceptibility to errors

Creating quotations often requires the full concentration of employees. However, this does not prevent the manual entry of quotation content from being prone to errors. It is painful for your business if the wrong items are offered or incorrect prices appear on the quotation. Such errors lead to delays, misunderstandings or even loss of sales.

3. Lack of clarity

Manually managing offers is often confusing. A standardized management system is difficult to implement if the information is scattered across various platforms.

Tracking the status of an offer seamlessly is challenging. This results in breaks in communication between those involved and a lack of transparency.

Efficiency and security when preparing quotations

The offer is a legal declaration. For this reason, it is important that the offer is correct. You should make sure that all details, such as company and customer data, conditions and price, are correct. Nevertheless, you must not ignore the time aspect when preparing the offer. Efficiency in the process is just as relevant. The faster a customer receives a correct and complete quotation, the greater the chance of success.

In reality, however, this is usually a "grown" process that has evolved over time. The processes are rarely revised and are determined by the IT systems. This leads to a deficit in efficiency.

How can the process be optimized?

Fortunately, the problems described above are no longer the order of the day. By using and integrating digital tools, quotation processes can be optimized.

1. Automation and acceleration

Integrations minimize manual intermediate steps and enable automated quotation processes. This takes the pressure off your employees and leaves more time for more important tasks.

You will benefit from a reduced error rate and enhanced efficiency. Your response time to an inquiry is faster than before. In addition, the automatic transfer of data prevents duplication of maintenance work.

2. Approvals

Syncler enables the approval of your offers, facilitating a smoother workflow. This is helpful, for example, if you do not use a CRM system. If necessary, you can activate certain discounts automatically. If the personal limit is exceeded, an approval process takes effect.

3. Shipping

It is possible to integrate additional information from external systems, such as product images, into your offer. Mail merge templates can be created and sent with Syncler.

Digitally signing quotations makes ordering easier for the customer. Intermediate steps such as printing, manual signing and scanning are no longer necessary. Instead, the process runs digitally from start to finish.

The optimized quotation process


In summary, digitizing the quotation process generates consistently positive changes. When creating quotations, some processing steps are eliminated, saving you time. More important tasks receive more attention. All relevant data is automatically transferred to the systems you use and is accessible across departments. You work more accurately, faster and with higher quality. This increases customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

The use of Syncler supports you in designing the process. It offers the added value that processes in the company can be linked via a central integration platform. All data is made available to the user across all systems where it is needed. This minimizes jumping between different applications. Through automation, Syncler transforms the quotation process from a time-consuming challenge into a quick, simple and customer-oriented process.

In the digital age, it is particularly important to position yourself successfully and take advantage of new opportunities. If you would like to find out how Syncler can support you, contact us for a consultation. We will show you how to transform and advance your quotation process. Let's shape the future of your business together.

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