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Streamlining Business Efficiency: Unlocking the Power of Web Forms Through Process Automation

22 February 2024 | Markus Grutzeck
Unlocking the Power of Web Forms Through Process Automation

In today's digital world, online web forms are an indispensable tool for businesses to collect information from customers. They are simple and efficient. However, web forms can impact both a company's internal processes and customer satisfaction.

The pain points of manually processing online web forms

The information from many web forms arrives as emails in a company's general inbox. And this is where the challenges begin:

pain points of manually processing web forms

Delays in process flow are a direct consequence of manually transferring email information into the target system, e.g., CRM. This costs valuable time and delays the start of important processes essential for customer service and lead generation.

Vulnerability to errors is another major issue. Manual entries are often prone to errors. Typing mistakes or incorrect assignments creep in. Such errors significantly impair the quality of customer service.

Clutter quickly arises when many requests arrive via email. It's easy to lose track. Important leads are overlooked or forgotten. This leads to missed business opportunities or unaddressed concerns. Customers become frustrated and turn to the competition. Your revenue is lost.

Lack of automation means that processes such as

  • lead assessment,
  • assignment to the right salesperson, or
  • sending automatic response emails

are performed manually. This ties up additional resources.

Data consistency becomes a problem when information is stored both in emails and in the CRM and updates are not synchronized. This leads to inconsistencies that impair data quality.

No unified customer history: If interactions with the customer are not stored in a single system, important information is missing. This impairs the quality of customer service and sales processes.

Difficult tracking of marketing campaigns
Optimizing marketing campaigns requires timely information about conversions and performed Call-to-Actions (CTA). If the CTA aims at filling out a web form, manually entering it into the target system causes unnecessary delays. Companies lose money when marketing campaigns are not promptly adjusted.

Reduced response speed: Customers today expect quick responses. Manual processes unnecessarily extend this time, thus impairing customer satisfaction. Often, customers make inquiries across several systems. Those who respond too late are at a disadvantage.

Solution through Syncler: Process automation for web forms and workflow improvement

The answer to all these challenges is Syncler. This innovative platform revolutionizes the way businesses handle online web forms. Syncler enables direct and automated data transfer to the target system.

Process automation for web forms and workflow improvement

Direct data transfer to the target system: Syncler avoids media breaks by transferring data from online forms directly and error-free into the CRM or ERP system. This not only saves time but also improves data quality.

Automated processes: With Syncler, companies send automatic notifications and create processes in the target system as soon as someone fills out a form. This speeds up response times and increases customer satisfaction.

Improvement of data quality and consistency: Automation minimizes errors in data transfer. This leads to higher data consistency and lays the foundation for a unified customer history.
Those who want to further increase data quality can integrate a reference database, e.g., Databyte. This validates the data from the form, corrects it if necessary, and enriches it. Thus, only valid data enters the target system.

Increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction: By using Syncler, companies optimize their internal processes and thus work more efficiently. Customer satisfaction also increases due to fast and precise responses.


Manually processing online web forms is an outdated method that unnecessarily burdens both companies and customers. Syncler offers a modern solution that revolutionizes the processing of customer inquiries through process automation and the avoidance of media breaks. Companies that adopt this innovative technology not only increase their efficiency but also improve their relationship with customers.

Do not wait any longer to discover the benefits of Syncler for your business. Contact Sellmore today for a demonstration of how Syncler can optimize your processes around online web forms. Take the step towards process automation and workflow optimization, and increase your customer satisfaction and business success.

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