Syncler awarded the “Software Made-in Germany” seal of quality

30 January 2024 | Markus Grutzeck
Integration platform syncler awarded with

Today, there's a reason to celebrate: The integration platform Syncler has been awarded the "Software Made in Germany" quality seal. As a certified solution, Syncler meets the criteria and demands for high-quality software. This seal obliges providers to maintain service, quality, and innovation.

What makes Syncler special?

Syncler overcomes data and application silos. Instead of developing and maintaining complex interfaces, Syncler provides predefined connectors. According to individual requirements, these connections are simply configured. This enables a seamless data flow across departments. Business processes run faster and without errors, relieving employees of routine tasks.

What are the benefits of Syncler?

  • Automatic and fast:
    Syncler exchanges data between various applications, making work processes faster.

  • Easy to use:
    Syncler has many ready-made components that you can easily configure and use without the need for extensive tinkering.

  • Always up-to-date:
    The quality seal indicates that Syncler offers good service and quality, ensuring you are well-prepared for the future.

A plus for small and medium-sized businesses

With the "Software Made in Germany" quality seal, it's clear: Syncler is a top software for accelerating business processes from Germany. You can use Syncler from the cloud or install the software directly on-site in the company - both are secure and comply with data protection laws. Integrated systems are thus no longer a utopia for small and medium-sized enterprises.

In short:

The award for Syncler is real proof of Sellmore's strong development performance. Employees are relieved of burden. Errors are avoided, and processes are accelerated. We are happy to show you what this means in terms of savings for your company.

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