GDPR Syncler-Glossar

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in German Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO), is an EU regulation that governs the protection of personal data of EU citizens and sets data protection standards for businesses.

Where does the DSGVO apply?

The DSGVO applies in all member states of the European Union (EU). It provides a consistent data protection framework throughout the EU.

What does the DSGVO mean for data storage for businesses?

The DSGVO has significant implications for data storage by businesses:

Transferring Data to Third Countries:
Companies must ensure that the transfer of data to countries outside the EU complies with the data protection requirements of the DSGVO. There are specific rules for such transfers in Articles 44 to 50 of the regulation.

Use of Cloud Solutions Hosted Outside the EU:
When companies use cloud solutions hosted outside the EU, they must ensure that appropriate data protection measures are in place.

Data Protection by Design and by Default (Art. 25):
This article requires that data protection is considered during the development of products and services to minimize data breaches. The technology used must be in line with the current state of technology.

When do companies need a Data Protection Impact Assessment (Article 35)?

Companies need a Data Protection Impact Assessment when they are likely to carry out the processing of personal data that poses a high data protection risk to individuals. This includes processing that involves a systematic and extensive evaluation of personal aspects of natural persons, including profiling.

Why is Syncler GDPR compliant?

The integration platform Syncler is GDPR compliant for the following reasons:

On-Premises Solution:
You have the option to install Syncler as a local solution within your IT infrastructure, providing better control over data and minimizing the risk of data transfers to third countries.

Cloud Solution with Hosting in Germany:
When using Syncler from the cloud, hosting is done in Germany, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations for the storage and processing of personal data.

Syncler has been developed to meet the data protection requirements of the GDPR and to assist companies in complying with the regulation's provisions. This is particularly important for IT managers and executives to ensure that data storage and processing align with legal requirements.