Integration platforms Syncler-Glossar

Integration platforms are referred to as middleware. This means that they are intermediate applications. Their task is to connect various internal or external systems, data sources and processes with each other. The platforms usually offer modern user interfaces that are used to automate, monitor and manage the data streams. This is often done in real time. As many data are processed across systems, the scope of the application is often extended by data quality management functions.

If the solutions are operated in the cloud, they are referred to as Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS). In this case, the vendor provides the infrastructure and services for operating the solution. The user only needs to make an effort to connect to the internet in order to access the solution via a web browser. When operating in local data centers, the user is responsible for the operating environment.

Integration platforms ensure that systems with different data models can communicate with each other. Thanks to their generic approach, they considerably simplify interface management, support process automation and ensure high-quality data across systems.