• What system requirements are necessary to operate the solution?

    To operate Syncler you need internet access and a browser of your choice.

  • What licensing modules are available and how is the licensing model structured?

    The licensing model is simple and transparent. All services are for rent. You can select the connectors of your choice and any additional options such as an additional test or tenant system, a transaction package with a higher volume or a database storage extension. Thats all.

  • What are connectors?

    Connectors are plugins (program fragments) that represent a specific external system and know how to exchange information with it. Connectors store all relevant information and can be highly specific or generic.

  • What are processes?

    Processes are tasks which can have various objectives. They extract, transform and load data between applications

  • What are data services?

    So called data services are used for real-time data access for reporting reasons.

  • What does the term "transaction" or "credits" mean?

    A transaction or credit describes the execution of a task based on a process, which can have either a reading or writing character.

  • What does a transaction package include?

    A transaction package includes credits for executing processes or tasks in Syncler. The tasks and associated credit costs include reading a record – 1 credit, writing a record – 1 credit, bulk queries (1% of processed records).

  • How are transactions or credits counted?

    Counting transactions depends on executed process.

  • How do I see how many transactions I have available for the current month?

    You can check the volumes of your available and used transactions in your account (system status) or in the application dashboard.

  • What if my transaction package is not sufficient for the current month?

    If you reach the limit of your transaction package, you cannot perform additional tasks. You can request a higher transaction package at any time in your account or by emailing to . Nevertheless, we will send you a notice in advance before your limit is reached.

  • What functionalities has my account to offer?

    Your account provides you different information around your subscription and application.   

    • Administer your subscription
    • Check your system status
    • User management
    • Knowledgebase with online documentation and tutorials
    • FAQ section
    • Support & Contact
  • What do I do if I reach the limit of my database size?

    We provide you 10GB database storage as part of purchase. If you reach the maximum storage capacity, the system generates an error message. However, before this happens, you can configure a warning message when exceeding your individual limit. You then either clean your database or purchase extra storage.

  • What is Syncler?

    Syncler is a platform for integrating your data across systems. It supports the automation of your processes and the improvement of your Data Quality.

  • For whom is Syncler

    Syncler is for any company who wants to accelerate their business processes through automation across system boundaries.

  • What challenges does Syncler address?

    Syncler enables automated cross-system and cross-organizational communication based on standardized protocols and formats. No more duplicate data, consistent data across systems will be the standard. That includes data synchronization between multiple systems, data migration, real-time access to data from an external system, data reporting and mail merge.

  • Can Syncler synchronize configurations other than a CRM and an ERP system?

    Yes, our customers can choose from additional system connectors.

    Feel free to contact us: use our contact form, or write to us at .

  • Why do I need a website account?

    You need to register for a website account, if you would like to operate Syncler. This ensures that you can securely and fully access all offered content, including your personal data and the management of your subscriptions.

  • What benefits does Cloud operation offer me?

    Cloud operation offers the following advantages:

    • High scalability of required resources
    • Flexible adjustment of infrastructure, hardware, and service models
    • Fulfilment of specific requirements, e.g., compliance issues, setup, workloads
    • Reduce workload for internal IT resources
    • No acquisition costs for infrastructure and hardware
    • Short implementation time and low initial costs
    • More time to focus on your core business
  • How can I change my subscription?

    You can change your subscription in your account under the "System Status" section. Changes may include

    • ordering additional connectors,
    • adjusting the transaction package or
    • adding features and options.
  • What responsibilities does Syncler take on?

    We provide our product as an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). That means we maintain the necessary infrastructure and application as a service for you, focusing on the following responsibilities:

    • Meeting the highest security requirements
    • Providing high performance and efficiency
    • Providing operational reliability
    • Operational excellence
    • Sustainability of deployed resources
  • Is there a help section or system documentation?

    The application provides a link to our Syncler online documentation

  • How can I set up a Syncler user?

    You first must register and set up an account at syncler.com.

  • How can I subscribe to a plan?

    A subscription usually includes the purchase of two or more connectors. Please inform yourself on our website or in your account area about the available system connections supported by Syncler. You can request your subscription in your account under “Request subscription."

  • When and how will Syncler be provided to me after purchase?

    Syncler is up and ready within a few hours. Provision takes place Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm

  • How many users can I create for my Syncler?

    There are no restrictions. However, the number of administering users should be chosen carefully.

  • Which payment methods are available?

    Currently, only invoices are issued.

  • Which payment models are available

    Currently and according to the terms and conditions of your subscription, payment must be initially made for the first year. After that, a quarterly payment is possible.

  • When is invoicing done?

    Invoicing is done according to the payment model, once a year or once per quarter in advance.

  • What is the duration of the subscription and what notice period does apply?

    The subscription is mandatory for the first 12 month. After that, the contract can be terminated at the end of each quarter with a notice period of 30 days.

  • Why and for what purposes are my data collected?

    We need your personal data for the creation and management of your account. Your data are treated in compliance with GDPR.

  • Where is the application operated, and where are my data stored?

    Syncler is operated for you in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in a German based data center. Your personal data does not leave the EU. This ensures that Syncler meets the highest security and performance requirements.

  • Are my data secure?

    Yes, they are. Your data is stored, maintained and transmitted in a maximally secured infrastructure and application environment, always following the latest technological and compliance standards.

  • Will my data be shared for advertising or marketing purposes?

    As a customer, you have complete control over your content. We never access or use your data without obtaining your permission.

  • What configuration options are offered in terms of data protection?

    You can configure Syncler to store only a minimum of external data in the solution. Like this you can deactivate backup storage, data copies from logs or data mappings, leaving in memory only the process configuration and logs without user data. However, this will be limiting the functionality of the solution

  • What password policy applies when logging into the account?

    Your password for logging into your personal account must meet the following criteria: at least 8 characters consisting of a special character, uppercase and lowercase letters, and a number.

  • What does Syncler do for data protection?

    As part of an external Data Protection Impact Assessment, Syncler processes have been thoroughly audited.

  • What does Syncler do for the security of the application?

    Syncler provides you with the highest security standards. An external technology partner has audited the cloud architecture of our application, covering areas such as Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance, Cost Optimization, and Sustainability. In the next step, we plan to additionally certify this security assessment.

  • What does product maintenance include?

    Maintenance includes maintaining the operational capability of your solution, providing updates, upgrades, releases, and patches, supporting communication protocols, certificates, bug fixes and security settings.

  • What does product support include?

    Our Hotline Support assists you to get the most out of the application. This includes, among other things, the selection and creation of connectors and processes. These services against charge are available in different packages.

  • Whom can I contact for questions about maintenance or support?

    For questions regarding maintenance or support, please contact us through the Sellmore Self-Service Portal. Simply create a ticket for your request. You can access the portal either through your account or at: Sellmore Support-Center