CAS SmartWe Systems supported

Connector for CAS SmartWe for consistent business processes

SmartWe is a cloud-based CRM system which is made for small to medium-sized businesses. The universal connector is a highly specific connection used for the bidirectional synchronization of master data and for transferring and creating document data.


Data between the following modules can be synchronized (example).

  • Company
  • Person
  • Sales opportunities
  • Activities
  • Documents
  • Distribution list
  • User specific fields
  • All entities that are shared with the web service
  • Data services for creating reports in real time

Already realized projects

The connector is used in a wide range of installations or system combinations.

NoCode templates are available for all of the above system combinations for a quick and efficient configuration of the synchronization processes.

Integration use cases of the SmartWe connector

ERP integration: Connect CAS genesisWorld or SmartWe to different ERP systems and integrate the data and processes of your sales, marketing and service organization across departments. One benefit is for example the automated processing of orders.

Reporting: Create different reports with targeted queries based on data services, start valuable analyses and make data-driven decisions.

ERP - ERP (tenant): Connect other ERP systems and create a unified data set across sites.

Mailing Provider: Synchronize data and results from newsletter campaigns with CASgenesisWorld  and realize targeted drip marketing.

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