KlickTipp Systems supported

Connector for KlickTipp for consistent business processes

Klick Tipp is a marketing automation solution for email and SMS communications. Newsletters can be easily sent, but complex email funnels can also be depicted. Klick-Tipp is suitable for anyone looking to generate and qualify leads online. With AI-based content creation, writing emails becomes child's play.

Through the Syncler integration, contacts are kept in sync. You can see undeliverable email addresses or the behavior of email recipients in the target application. This enables immediate contact opportunities in connected applications and enhances data quality.

Features of the Klick-Tipp Interface

  • Synchronize contacts
  • Transfer contacts with tags from the target system to initiate campaigns
  • Feedback from Klick-Tipp to the target system for sending, receiving, opening, clicking, undeliverable contacts, etc.

Application Scenarios of the Klick-Tipp Interface

Mailing Provider: Synchronize campaigns, recipient data, and results from newsletter actions with your CRM or ERP system. This provides direct contact opportunities for your sales team from email marketing."

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