Mailmerge Systems supported

Connector for Seriendruck for consistent business processes

The Syncler mailmerge connector can be used in many different ways. As a system, mailmerge can be used by Syncs to create and process any documents. Mailmerge can also be used directly via the Syncler API and can therefore be integrated directly into systems.  Documents with texts, lists and images can be generated based on any data. Additional parameters can be used to show and hide document content using conditions. Several documents can be combined or inserted into one another. In addition to processing individual data records, several data records can also be processed in one document. The templates can be managed in the Syncler or obtained from external sources. Various input and output formats are available

Use cases

  • Generation of complex quotation printouts and dispatch by e-mail, as well as storage in CRM systems
  • Generation of documents that are signed and returned by the recipient via the Docu-Sign or Zoho-Sign connection.
  • Integration of the mailmerge function in Salesforce
  • Generation and automatic dispatch of personalized information material via a contact form on a website

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