neugeschaeft Systems supported

Connector for neugeschaeft for consistent business processes

neugeschaeft is a leading B2B information platform, providing access to over 100 million intelligently linked, up-to-date company data with background information. Through the neugeschaeft interface, they retrieve qualified data. They use this as new datasets or to enrich an existing data inventory. Additionally, they can be automatically notified about changes regarding their customers and target groups. This creates new contact opportunities.

Data continuously becomes outdated. A one-time comparison against a reference data set updates their data to a current status. With the neugeschaeft Connector from Syncler, they continuously improve data quality in connected applications.
With fresh data from neugeschaeft, they easily tap into new target groups.

Functions of the neugeschaeft connector

Data can be synchronized for the following modules (examples).

  • Search queries with a high selection depth
  • Export queries to create new or enrich existing data records
  • Duplicate search with external database

Projects already implemented

The connector is used in practice in a large number of installations and system combinations.

Use cases for the neugeschaeft connector

CRM integration: Synchronizing and updating existing data with the company database.

ERP integration: Researching new company data on the basis of differentiated search criteria.


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