Webhooks Systems supported

Connector for Webhooks for consistent business processes

A webhook is an HTTP-based callback function that enables event-driven communication between systems. Syncler webhooks are not an active integration of an external system, but an interface that can be used by external systems. The use cases for systems are diverse. Data can be read and written from other systems or syncs. The receipt of HTML forms is also supported, which means that the Syncler can receive and process contact forms directly.


  • Reading data from a system
  • Reading data from a sync, whereby transformations can be used
  • Writing data to a system
  • Writing data with a sync, whereby transformations can be used
  • Starting a specific sync
  • Data can be received from url parameters, json message or HTML form
  • Json data can be defined as a response 

Use cases

  • Coupling between VoIP telephony and CRM systems
  • Processing of contact forms
  • Receipt of webshop orders 

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