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Universal data synchronization fast, easy and flexible

Integration For various use cases: From CSV to business software

Whether as a simple connector based on CSV or SQL, a generic REST API or a more complex integration to CRM, ERP, DMS or field service software - the number of applications supported by Syncler is growing continuously. Syncler can be customized to your requirements.

Synchroni­zation A middleware for bidirectional data exchange

Securely connect your software in the cloud or on-premises. Thanks to highly functional plugins, Syncler provides fast and secure data processing.

Control Monitor data transmission in real time

Maintain control over your data even across multiple systems. Thanks to the error and conflict management, you always have a status overview of ongoing synchronization processes.

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Syncler - The fastest way to integration.

IT Integration in the cloud or on-premises

Syncler is a software to realize various synchronization tasks based on API connectors.

Its technology is based on .Net and a Microsoft SQL Server or Maria database. Syncler is running in the cloud or on-premises, thus you can securely access and control your API’s, processes and data from anywhere.

More details about Syncler functionalities in the factsheet.

How does Syncler support your business processes?

Never create data twice again, accelerate delivery and improve quality. Optimize your business processes through:

  • Data synchronization between multiple software systems
  • Data migration
  • Real-time access to data from an external system
  • Reporting of data
  • Mail merge
  • Serial e-mails by connecting Mailing service provider
  • Task planner
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Features & Functions

  • Dashboard

    • Overview of all synchronization activities
    • Daily updated mapping of consumed transactions (reading & writing credits)
  • Simple admin area

    • Simple user guidance for setting up processes, mappings and data transformation
    • Precise help texts
    • Administration without programming (no-code)
  • Multi-client capability

    • Connection of several databases/clients
    • Individual data records can be kept synchronized with other connected databases/tenants.
  • Live view into third-party systems

    • Direct database queries
    • Real Time Data Views
    • Different storage options: Direct access to data or temporary storage
  • Roll back function

    • Unintentional process operations can be easily undone
  • Individually configurable conflict management

    • Configuration options for simultaneous changes to data records in connected systems
  • Reporting and shipping

    • Creation and scheduled dispatch of reports through database queries
  • Transfer simulation

    • Newly set up data transformations can be tested before activation
  • Active error management

    • Immediate notification of error messages, warnings and status reports
    • Notification via e-mail to different recipients
    • Configuration of error management: definition of what should be done in the event of an error
  • Log / backup data

    • Syncler retains log and backup data
    • Changes are traceable and transparent
  • Security and privacy

    • GDPR-compliant hosting in Germany (Frankfurt)
    • Frequent penetration tests
    • Beside using Syncler in the Cloud, it is also available on-premises

Integrations already realized For the following systems Syncler provides a standard integration.

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Products & Services The 3 Pillars of Syncler - Connectors, Processes & Data Services

  • Connectors

    Our connectors are highly specific or generic plug-ins and allow you to easily address APIs of external systems without development efforts. By using different technologies Syncler ensures a wide range of connection options.

  • Processes

    Processes are tasks which are created based on the respective connectors. They can be used for a wide range of requirements. For example, they can fetch data, modify and map it to a target, or pass it to a target connection.

  • Data services

    Data services are mostly used for real-time data access in the context of reporting. The different data service types can also be executed time-controlled.

Maintenance & Support

We are happy to assist you regarding maintenance and support.

In the area of maintenance, we take care of maintaining system operability and provide upgrades, updates or releases. This way you benefit from a reliable, secure and always up-to-date solution.

Our support provides services on customization or enhancement requests and assists you in creating connections, processes and data services. In this way, we ensure that you always use our software optimally. Please feel free to contact us via ticket system or e-mail.

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